About ESA

ESA is an energy consulting/advisory business.  Our staff  has a seasoned and unique blend of hands-on involvement in all aspects of comprehensive energy management .  Our team of associates can provide assistance on just about any energy related issue or question that you may have.


Our mission is to assist our clients to manage their commercial, technical, regulatory, and consumption issues through a comprehensive energy management approach that results in optimal cost solutions in the ever changing energy and environmental landscape. 


ESA is an independent.  We are not a marketer of energy commodities and we do not have a "hidden agenda" of augmenting commodity sales while providing services.  Our compensation is based on providing value-add consultation to your energy management needs.  Our only business is to diligently serve your best interests.


ESA is ready to listen and helpWe understand energy and can help find ways to save on energy spend in all areas.  As former end-users of energy, we can bring the end-user perspective into focus. 


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Peter Franolic, BSME, MSCE

Peter Franolic is Managing Partner of Energy Solutions Associates, LLC.  As an energy consultant, Peter takes pride in being able to use his extensive experience and expertise to identify and quantify energy cost management opportunities for clients.  Peter is well versed in all aspects of developing and executing opportunities and gains satisfaction from delivering positive benefit.


Previously, Peter was Director, Corporate Energy Affairs, for Bethlehem Steel Corp., one of the largest industrial consumers of energy in North America.  Peter was directly responsible for the overall annual energy budget of up to $500 million and all energy procurement including natural gas, electricity, fuel oils and prepared gases like oxygen and nitrogen. His responsibilities included developing price/risk management strategies for the energy commodities, energy project development and coordinating both state and federal regulatory and legislative activity impacting on energy.  Additionally, Peter initiated and was president of Bethlehem Energy Services, a subsidiary company that provided natural gas commodity and volume management services.  Peter managed a team of up to 10 professionals to accomplish the Corporate Energy Affairs mission.


During his many years with Bethlehem Steel, Peter led or was a key participant in many teams that developed and executed many energy cost reduction opportunities resulting in millions of dollars per year in cost benefit. These benefits were accomplished through negotiating special contracts, developing unique rate structures for utility service, aggressive participation in utility rate proceedings, leading edge participation in evolving market opportunities, initiating innovative hedging strategies for natural gas, implementing energy efficiency projects, etc.


During his career, Peter has been involved in the transformation of the natural gas and electricity markets.  He has been an aggressive participant in the change process from a regulated environment to commodity based competitive markets.  Peter has actively participated in shaping state and federal legislation and regulation as well as providing industrial perspective to market making initiatives. He has been an active member of the Electricity Consumers Group (ELCON), The Process Gas Consumers Group (PGC), Multiple Intervenors of New York (MI), Industrial Energy Consumers of Pennsylvania (IECPA), and the PJM Industrial Customers Coalition (PJMICC).


Peter has developed in depth experience in most aspects of the energy industry and has used this experience to produce significant benefits.  He can provide expertise in price/risk management, contract negotiation, procurement, PJM market issues, project development (including generation), consumption management, regulatory impact as well as create cohesive strategies that combine all aspects of energy management.


Peter is a graduate of Polytechnic Institute of New York where he earned a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MS degree in Civil Engineering (Environmental Planning).  Peter has also attended Duke University’s Management Development Program.


Theodore L. Eichenlaub, BSME, PE

Ted Eichenlaub is co-founder of Energy Solutions Associates, LLC where he takes pride in assisting ESA’s clients in developing cost effective and insightful solutions to their commercial, technical and regulatory energy management issues.


Prior to Energy Solutions Associates, Ted gained his extensive experience from diversified responsibilities within the energy intensive steel industry.  At Bethlehem Steel Corporation he worked in various high level engineering, purchasing and management capacities with special emphasis on fuels, utilities, HVAC and energy related processes.  Ted has directed an Instrumentation and Control engineering group, managed a technical services dept of 120 employees and managed corporate level energy procurement activities for natural gas and other fuels with an annual spend of several $100 million.  He also consulted to the corporation’s various plants on energy related matters.


A successful leader and team player, Ted has participated in the justification, engineering, installation and operation of capital projects ranging into tens of millions of dollars.  He directed QA practices to assure efficient fuel and power operations, implemented innovative labor practices, and implemented strategic purchasing of natural gas, fuel oil and propane.  He has achieved millions of dollars in energy related cost reductions through strategic supplier selection, contract negotiation, bypass initiatives, risk management and regulatory intervention.  His combined plant and corporate level experience lend a well rounded understanding and customer focus to problem solving and opportunity development.


Ted has been an active member of various organizations.  He served on the papers committee and executive board of the Philadelphia Chapter of AISE, and was a member of the Advisory Board of the Northampton Community College.  Ted has participated in various trade organizations like The Process Gas Consumers (PGC) to advance the energy end-user’s viewpoint.


Ted is a graduate of the City College of NY School of Engineering and a licensed Professional Engineer.  He has continued education in subjects of interest.