We provide how-to expertise on the full range of comprehensive energy management issues.

 Total Supply Chain or Total Cost of Ownership analysis including Carbon Footprint considerations.

 Perspective on the supply, process and regulatory sides of energy.

 Procurement of electricity, natural gas, industrial gas and fuel oil.

 Review and negotiate contracts, match tariffs to your facilities, perform due diligence, represent you.

 Locate and select reliable providers of services.

 Price and risk management.

 In-depth opportunity analysis including developing how-to strategies for producing benefit.

 Project evaluation and development.

 Steam, water and air systems

 Fuel and combustion systems

 Industrial gases

 Power generation

 Wind turbines

 Green compatibility

 Obtaining project financing.

 Energy conservation.

 Fuel strategy development and analysis of options..

 Enhanced gas safety, HVAC.

 Reporting and newsletters.

 Making informed, prudent strategy decisions based on up-to-date advice, analysis and justification.

We assist you in managing issues involving MMBTU, MW, PJM, MISO, NYISO, ISONE, ERCOT, CAISO, FERC, State PSCs, LDCs, RECs and more.


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